Wednesday, April 6, 2011

James & Candace tie the knot.

A few weeks back I shot a wedding in Hawkes Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand. It was perfect wedding weather. Hay bales, teapots, flowers, flax and even the pork on the spit! Such a great day spending time with everyone.

I enjoyed photographing people as they are rather than as they are told to pose! Candace and James’ attitude towards their wedding was awesome, it was all about having a beautiful and fun time with their friends and family. Literally a flying visit though as we had another wedding to attend in Raumati South (about 4 hours away) the next day, which was another amazing wedding to say the least. Flags, feathers, performance and a wedding cake made out of cheese! Lucky me I say!

So lately I've been in love land with my photos :) But please do stay tuned for some berry butter treats soon!


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