Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Start Of My Zero Waste Addiction.

The zero waste home blog. I came across it here only a few weeks ago at Danelle Bourgeois' tumbler. She posted the above video which lead me to the blog. The zero waste blog is written by Bea Johnson. Five years ago, she (and her family) decided to move into a smaller home. They downsized their belongings and took on a zero-waste style of living. The above video explains it all. She has got so many great tips on her blog for reducing waste, I've taken on most of the ones I've read so far, like she says in the video, it's very addictive. In the past two weeks I've been occupied with de-cluttering, reducing, reusing and shopping in the right places. I've donated three station wagon boot loads full of house stuff that I don't need anymore to second hand stores. I've made a compost bin for food waste. I've put up a much needed 'No Junk Mail' sign on the letterbox. I'm shopping at markets where I can get my own bags and containers filled no problem (laundry mesh bags for mushrooms, beans, loose lettuce etc). Refilling my egg trays. Using a canvas bag for bread at the bakery which tastes better and is fresher anyway. At the supermarket I'm opting to buy things that last in bulk rather than buying small bottles and jars, that is until I have more jars/bottles to refill etc. Phew! Like I said ... it's addictive. We've already reduced our rubbish and recycling by half. I had been wanting to do something about the sad state of our overfilled rubbish bins (recycling included) for a while now and Bea Johnson's blog seemed to kick it into gear.

I decided to make this post for people living in Melbourne as a resource for great places to buy produce from. Please do comment if you have more links to add.

and of course check out the zero waste home blog. :)


  1. I desperately want to do this whole zero waste thing but my flatmate and Hook just won't help or do anything towards it so it won't work. :( I'm glad I could link it to you though!

  2. I don't think we'll ever be completely waste free ... in fact I know we won't but am definitely slowly reducing.
    I like your tumbler! especially the cake pics.

  3. My biggest problem with zero waste is we don't have a farmers market, or any local shops to refill stuff. There are only supermarkets. Maybe I'm just finding barriers to complain about. Maybe I should just get on with it?