Monday, May 2, 2011

chocolate chocolate chocolate...

So I figured since I haven't posted any sweet treats yet, chocolate would be a good start!
Just last week I did a shoot for a friends company called Koko Deluxe. They sell hot chocolate. So delicious! If you live in Melbourne, Wellington or London you might spot it in a cafe. If you do I suggest to get one! Anyway I photographed a lot of chocolate. Hot chocolate, powdered chocolate, grated chocolate, solid chocolate ... I think you get the point. Once I had finished the photos I found myself left with a 2.5 kilo block of amazing quality (you guessed it) chocolate. Oh what to do with it! After much deliberation I decided to make homemade brownies. With my quality control team standing by impatiently, I managed to snap a couple of photos without fingers in there before it got eaten! It was very yum.
For the record I used up about 200g of the block ... I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it soon in some form or another. So lets just say 'to be continued' for now.


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